Our First trip Back to the Gran Manzana

July 15, 2014  •  7 Comments

After living in Costa Rica for a year and a half we set out on our vacation to the Big Apple or Gran Manzana.  We were missing our friends and family who were not able to visit us. We were also missing the wide variety of food that NYC is famous for.  We found a studio apartment in the area that we used to live in so that it would be easy to revisit our favorite restaurants.

We had 12 full days to fit in as many friends and family and restaurants as possible.  Here are a few of my experiences and thoughts.

*Got off of the plane and stepped off of the bus Manhattan. Stopped at a newsstand to purchase the NY Post. Gave the guy $1 and waited for change. No change, price increased from 50 cents while away.

*Walked to 7th ave at Times Square to get cab. Immediately noticed the odor of the trash that had piled up.

*i wore flip flops the first day and when returned home noticed how dirty my feet were.  

*Noticed the diversity of people and their diverse clothes stylings.

*75 cents for 1 banana at a diner. 30 cents for 7 bananas in Costa Rica.

*angry and stressed looking people in subway

*noticing how lonely the trees on city streets looked surrounded by concrete

*bad cashiers at 7-11, Newark Express Bus. Count your change people!

*the countdown street lights. "Quick, we have 5 seconds to cross this street!"

*the air conditioning blasting beginning with the flight over after hearing how everyone disliked the very cold winter.

*the Freedom Tower is finally finished and looks very shiny. I still prefer the majesty of the Twin Towers.

*I'm liking the idea of the Citi-Bikes, but lack confidence that I can find a bike station in under 30 minutes.

*it's nice to live in the city and not have to worry about work, but realizing that I can't live in the city if I am not working.

*how good it is to again be eating bagels, Shake Shack shakes, good Chinese Food, hot pastrami sandwiches, half sour pickles, Dominican Food, Italian Food,

*Staying up past 11 pm, dancing the night away....with other people not just alone.

* several favorite restaurants have closed since our last visit.....change happens! people move on.

*sneaker colors have gone radioactive....I like it!

*during my visit to my old job I was standing outside of my office and heard the phone ring. My muscles twitched as if I had to answer it.

*noticing how in the past I would have loved to buy a flashy new pair of sneakers or a designer baseball cap, or a dressy pair of jeans, but realizing that now they are not needed for where I am living.

*standing in Times Square in flip-flops, Ceasar had something run across his toes. In Costa Rica that could be any number of insects, geckos, snakes, or something else......here it was one of two things, a cockroach or a rat.

*how expensive most everything is. 75 cents for a banana in a deli, $3.29 for a papaya at whole foods, $14 for a movie, $25 for a very small portion of linguini with clams at a Chelsea bar/restaurant.

*noticed how fast everyone walks at rush hour.

*enjoyed the long days of summer

Highlights included dancing at the Monster on Disco Night with an old Brooklyn neighborhood friend, having Sunday Brunch with most of our best friends and family, the great variety of food, playing a few 1 on 1 games of basketball at the recreation center for the first time since my knee replacement, seeing the Gay Pride Parade, and being in NYC knowing that I did not have to work.

*will visit again. just not sure when

It was great seeing friends and relatives. Sorry we couldn't find time to see everyone. Hopefully you can visit us in Costa Rica.



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