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Created 1-Jun-17
34 photos

3-Toed Sloth with Baby3-toed sloth seen from our patio.Toucan and Papaya seen from patio.2 Chestnut-Mandibled ToucansSloth appreciating our view as seen from our patio.White-Faced Monkey seen from our backyard.Fiery-Billed Aracari seen from our patio.Parrots living in a wasp's nest seen from our paito.Blue-Morpho butterfly seen in our garden.Glass-WInged Butterfly seen in our garden.2 Lineated Woodpeckers seen from our patio.Rufous-Tailed Hummingbird  mother in nest seen by jacuzzi.Toucan in flight seen from our patio.Broad-Winged Hawk and bothersome bird seen from our patio.Purple Fairy Hummingbird seen in our garden.Black & Green Poison Dart frog on our patio.Violet Woodnymph hummingbird.Green Iguana on our feeding station.Slatey Trogon in our backyard.

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