Things That Are Not So Easy To Do Here

March 23, 2013  •  2 Comments

As we get adjusted to our new life here in Costa Rica we are finding out that some everyday things, that we may have taken for granted back in NYC, are not so easy to do here.

Here are a few:

Hey Ceasar, let's go take our bicycles for a ride together. Sounds easy enough. We are having great sunny weather, with temperatures in the mid 80's. There is a new paved highway with smooth riding. Let's go!  We took the bicycles out but first we had to get down the hill, yes that steep hill that gives us the great views-probably 300 to 400 feet up. We get on the bikes and then gravity takes over. We pull on the brakes but the bikes still skids downward. We manage to come to a halt, then get off and walk them down. We are all set to ride when I realize that the seat is too low-the seats had to be removed for shipping and then was put on too low. I called for our maintenance guy to come down with an Allen wrench but it is not the right size. So we turn around and start walking/pushing the bikes up the hill. Hello again Mr. Gravity. We make it up the hill to our home in a deep sweat and we are too tired to adjust the seat. Next time. Meanwhile we were able to get our exercise without even doing any bike riding.      Pura VIda life adjustment..........First we put on sunscreen because after all we are right next to the equator... we then place our bikes into our car and drive down about 3/4 of the way and park in the driveway of our community gym. We then take the bikes out and zoom down to the gate and we are on our way. When we return we walk back up to the car and drive back to our home. Our simple bike ride has just become complicated. Pura Vida!

Hey Ceasar, let's go to the grocery store and pick up some milk and fruit. Instead of walking out of our apartment and going to the store just downstairs we now have to take a 6 minute car ride into town to shop.

Hey Ceasar, let's go have the car looked at by a mechanic. That means driving 45 minutes up a windy mountain road to get to the car dealership.

Hey Ceasar, do you think we can have mail sent here from the states? Possible but not likely. We have no mailbox as of yet. Maybe if they sell another villa and someone else is living here there will be. Meanwhile, if there is any mail to be sent to our Property Manager it will arrive in Quepos which is 30 minutes away. Quepos has a post office. Our nearest town of Dominical does not.  E.Mail it is.

Hey Ceasar, we need to put more money into our Costa Rica savings account. You would not believe the number of forms and notorized documents that are involved if we are to put in more than $1,000 per month. The Costa Rican government wants to be sure that we are not laundering money into their country. We had to show exactly where the money was coming from-be it savings, W2 forms, or pension.

Hey Ceasar, let's hang some photos! Here the homes are made of steel and concrete block in accordance with earthquake building requirements. I'm not complaining. We are really happy that the home is so sturdy.  I tried hammering a nail into the wall and it bent on the second strike from my hammer.  We had to have our maintenance guy come in and drill holes, put in those sleeves, and then screw in the artwork.

Hey Ceasar, let's go to the movies! There is a movie theatre in the capitol of San Jose just 2.5 hours away. Pura Vida life Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the beginning. Cue the Xena Warrior Princess box set. See the Fifth Element for the 10th time.

Hey Ceasar, what you got in the refrigerator?  Since we have to drive for our shopping we have learned how to stock up on food. Next week is Samana Santa and we hear that the whole country shuts down. Beer and alcohol is not allowed to be sold. People have been talking for the past few weeks about making sure their refrigerators are stocked with beer. The beaches will be crowded with people camping out for several days. It should be quite a sight. We will be sure to have enough bananas, mangos, and milk so that Ceasar can keep making those batida fruit smoothies. Feliz Pasqua to all!

Coming Next................Any Suggestions??? Any Requests??? If not I'll think of something.



rafael justo(non-registered)
how far is that babershop lol
Penelope (Peni) Baker
Yes, Photos would be nice along with your ventures. Lots of photos.
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